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Spray Pump

External Dispensing Spray Pump

CONINS PUNE Introduce External dispensing Spray pump for CONINS PUNE's ACRYLCOAT a Conformal coating on PCB assembly .

Many of our satisfied customers are using Acrylcoat Lacquer and applying by Brush or Deeping method .It is time consuming as well as space consuming also .

To serve our Customers in better and economical way we Introduce External Spray Pump suitable for our Acryl coat LQ-30/ LQ- 60 /LQ-100 various viscosities

The Nozzle for the Spraying of lacqer has been designed to maintain same pressure like Aerosol Bottle and Can be adjusted according to application.

This reduces the wastage of material, consumption of liquid, Uniform Coating, gives more coverage.

Hence economical to use .

At present 5/10/25 Ltr capacity Dispensing pump with specially designed nozzle is available & Suitable.

This will require compressor of max up to 2 Kg. pressure.

The OEM / EMS who are using the conformal coatings in liquid form.