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PCB Surface Coating (Acrylcoat - AR-30 / LQ- 30)

Conins Acrylcoat is a high quality flexible transparent ECO FRIENDLY Acrylic Conformal coating for PCB Assemblies.

Conins Acrylcoat is approved by C DOT and it conforms to MIL Standard: MIL - I - 46058C Type AR.

Conins Acrylcoat ensures total protection for PCBs and components against moisture, Oxidation, fungus etc., in extremely humid conditions. It is easy to apply and fast drying and has good flexibility. Servicing is easy as the coating is readily SOLDERABLE. Acrylcoat has high dielectric strength and it provides protection against high voltage arcing and corona shorts.

PCB Surface Coatings, PCB Surface Coating (Acrylcoat - AR-30 / LQ- 30)
Special Features :

• 100% Eco - Friendly
• Economical in use.
• Good Dielectric strength
• Excellent adhesion to all surfaces
• Easily SOLDERABLE ; Servicing is easy.
• Prevents fungus growth
• Protects component leads from corrosion
• Fast curing
• Contains UV Tracer for easy inspection

PRODUCT CODE Acrylcoat - AR-30 / LQ- 30
Appearance( Liquid & Coated Film) Clear /Transparent/Smooth & Glossy
Specific Gravity (Density@25°C) 0-85 to 0.9
Viscosity @25° C 30-35 sec (Zans G1 Cup)
Flash Point <40
Comparative Tracking Index (CTI Value) 600
Coating Thickness (Single/Double Light Coat ) 20-22 Recomonded
Dielectric Strength 30 KV/mm
Thermal Cycling (MIL-I-46058-C-AR) Meets Approval (C-DOT)
Moisture Resistance (MIL-I-46058-C-AR) Meets Approval (C-DOT)
Insulation Resistance Meets Approval (C-DOT)
Fungus Resistance Passes
Withstand Temperature (Film) -50 to 130°C
Coverage Area (20 μm Film 500 ml Aerosol) 2m2
Film Traceable Under UV Lamp
Drying Time
Touch To Dry
Hard Dry
Pre &Post Heating of PCB For coating
@ 50°C
5- 7 Min
2 Hrs
Dry with – 1 Minute
Hard Dry- 5-10 Min
Curing Time 12-24 Hrs
Optimum Properties – Provides Protection Against High Voltage Arcing and crona shorts 7 Days

  • AEROSOL : Clean the surface thoroughly. Spray Acrylcoat from a distance of 25 cms. from the surface evenly. Allow the PCBs to dry in Air. Better results can be obtained if cured in a ventilated oven @ 60°C for 1 hr. The boards may be heated to 55 to 60°C just before spraying. SHAKE THE AEROSOL BOTTLE WELL BEFORE EACH APPLICATION
  • LACQUER : ACRYLCOAT LACQUER can be applied by Brushing, Dipping or by Spraying. This can be used in a Dip Coating Machine or can be applied by a dispenser.
  • REMOVAL : The coating can be removed using Conins Thinner AR.
  • STORAGE : Store in a cool dry place below 40°C. Keep away from naked flame or flammable material. The contents are highly inflammable. Destroy the container after use.
  • PRECAUTIONS : Acrylcoat is a flammable material. Contact with skin or eyes and inhalation should be avoided. In case of contact, wash the affected areas with soap and plenty of water. Keep away from open flames and Flammable material. Use in an adequately ventilated area only.
  • Shelf Life : 2 years for Aerosol and 1 year for Lacquer = in original sealed containers.
  • Packing : 500 ml. Aerosol Spray containers
  • LQ : 1 litre, 5 litres, and 25 litre containers.