Coating For Automobile Electronics
( Acrylcoat - SKR-70 )

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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter (and also Services Provider) of Coatings For Automobile Electronics. Our company is located in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We target customers from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Our product, Conins Acrylcoat SKR 70, is a high-quality, flexible, and transparent acrylic conformal coating designed for PCB assemblies.

Acrylcoat SKR 70 is specifically formulated for applications requiring a higher coating thickness to ensure enhanced protection against moisture. It can be applied using a dispenser or by brushing and then cured in an oven at 80oC for 60 minutes. If a thicker coating is desired, additional coats can be applied, and the curing process can be repeated.

Conins Acrylcoat provides reliable protection for PCBs and components, safeguarding them against moisture, oxidation, fungus, and other environmental factors, particularly in highly humid conditions. With its high dielectric strength, Acrylcoat offers excellent insulation properties, ensuring protection against high voltage arcing and corona shorts.

Special Features :

  • 100% Ozone Friendly
  • Economical in use.
  • Good Dielectric strength
  • Excellent adhesion to all surfaces
  • Prevents fungus growth
  • Protects component leads from corrosion
Coating For Automobile Electronics (Acrylcoat - SKR-70 )




Clear, Transparant, Smooth & Glossy

Drying Time

Curing @ 80oC for 60 mts.

Cure Time

24 hrs. Optimum Properties: 7 days.

Working Temp.Max.

120 C

Di-electric strength

25 kV/mm.

CTI Value (Comparative Tracking Index)


Viscosity of Lacquer

120 - 150 Secs FC B4 @300 C


Self extinguishing (coating)
Liquid : flammable


Before applying Acrylcoat Lacquer, ensure that the surface is thoroughly cleaned. It is recommended to pre-dry the surface at 60oC in a clean oven. Acrylcoat Lacquer can be applied using various methods such as brushing, dipping, or spraying. It can be conveniently used with a dip coating machine or a dispenser.

  • STORAGE : To maintain the quality of the product, store Acrylcoat Lacquer in a cool and dry place below 40oC. Keep it away from naked flames or any flammable materials. Please note that the contents are highly inflammable, so it is important to destroy the container after use. The shelf life of the lacquer is 12 months when kept in its original sealed container.
  • Shelf life : 12months in original sealed containers.
  • PRECAUTIONS : Acrylcoat Lacquer is a flammable material, so it is essential to avoid any contact with the skin, eyes, or inhalation. If any contact occurs, immediately wash the affected areas with soap and plenty of water. Keep the product away from open flames and other flammable materials. Ensure that you use it in a well-ventilated area. It is advisable to refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before using the product.
  • Packing : Acrylcoat Lacquer is available in the following packaging options:
    1 litre x 8 nos, 5 litres x 3 nos, and 25-litre containers.
  • REMOVAL : To remove the coating, you can use Conins Pune Make Elclean Thinner AR.